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June 1, 2004. A new month, a new me.

By the end of June I will weight 110 lbs.

I will eat no later than 5pm on weeknights and 7 on weekends.

I will work out at least 3 times a week for at least 2 hours at a time.

I will run at least 5 miles a week.

I will save as much money as I can.

I will eat foods with very little fat.

I will not eat junk food any longer.

I will not eat at work when I'm there, only drink tea or diet coke or water.

I will not eat any fast food under any circumstances.

I will look good in a binkini.

I will not bite my nails.

I will save up enough money to get my nails done and keep up with them.

I will not fight petty fights with Jon.

I will keep my room clean and my bed made.

I will help with as much house work as I can.

I will drink less and have more fun being sober.

I will brush my hair more.

I will do at least 100 situps a day.

I will not fight with my siblings, mom, or dad.

I will visit my mom more often.

I will take time to spend with my family.

I will not back out on my friends as much.

I will keep the inside of my car clean.

Eat less than 1000 calories a day.

Drink a LOT of water, at least 60 oz a day.

Eat much less carbohydrates.
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