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This place is pretty empty so I decided to join (after dakestangel did some advertising lol)

My name is Liz, and I've been off and on ana for a year, and recently started purging when I ruin my cal count of the day. Weight was never a concern to me until I was injured in sports in high school, and then gained weight from my stilled active life.

Height: 5/8"
CW: 153 (To Jaz-last week when I thought I was 155 I was really 160 :( But I'm improving!)
HW: 165
STGW:140 by August 21

I really just want to loose 20-30 lbs by the time I have to go back to college. I move in the 21st, but it would be great to reach my goals a few days before so I can buy new clothes and all.

Right now I'm on a 100 cal fast since I started these Yerba diet pills, but usually do a calorie intake of 200-300.

Hope everyone has a good night (it's 1am now for me)

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